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I had a nice day ^_^ for once

Mah gawd. These cramps suck. I haven't had these things since I stopped gaming. Weird as fuck. I'm weird. I'm fuck-ed. It hurts.

I got to go over to holly's today too. That was all sorts of fun. Bugged james, heard the name of I-cannot-speak-her-name-that-fucking-bitch-I'll-kill-her, and I got to play some mario party. You could really tell how bad I sucked. Absent minded and I've only played it once before. Uh, actually, I think I've only touched a gc controller 3 times in my life. Pretty sad, but I get over it. Holly asked if I wanted to hang out again tomorrow, but I had to decline. I need to spend tomorrow with layton, I've got stuff I've been putting off doing with him. Like watching all those cowboy be-bops.

James complained over the fact that I get bitchy over my fatness and he can never tell if I'm joking about it or not. If I am or not, I'll never tell. I'M FAT! Fat, fat, fat. Behold teh fatness that is me. *sigh* I really need to lay off the sugar and fat. It's getting kinda bad, and I'm sure it's not good for my body either. Not that I care. Ok, I half care, shut up.

Picture of the day: Into the Shadows