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So layton and I went to the supermall today and we saw a couple movies. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory first and then The Devils Rejects. It was great. They were both really good. Charlie was weird though, really weird. Johnny Depp and the oompa loompas were funny. During our down time, between the two movies, we walked around the mall and got my thing done. Picked up a few wonka bars too. Hehe, I just remembered something funny. Someone in the back started smoking in the theatre towards the end of the devils rejects. You could smell it really strongly, but you couldn't see it. Funny stuff.

I think marcy is stalking layton or something. It's kinda creepy. She knows him from his church and had, and probably still has, some hardcore crush on him. Found him on myspace a couple days ago and demanded that he add her. Today she found him at the theater while waiting for me to get out of the bathroom (my period had started) when we were leaving. Ugh. And the fucking bathroom machine shit in the theater was broken and possibly empty. I needed a tampon and some lip stuff, for my very chapped lips, and the fucking machine was broken. I ended up having to improvise, one of the worst things in the world. Should have complained or something.

Came home and found out we have no salt left. Fucking sucks. I need salt. Sea salt. Can't have anything else. I guess I'm going to have to ask mom about it tomorrow. In the mean time I have to use the really old stuff. Totally natural, which is a good thing, but it's been in the shaker so long I'm not sure I really trust it. Ah well. I'll live. :)

My brother is a total fucking ass and I'm kinda pissed at him. He "swapped" my minish cap with some dude he knows for fire emblem. I told him no he could not repeatedly but he got me to the point where I eventually just said yes just to shut him up and to get off the fucking phone with him. Now he's stealing my gb from me at every chance he gets. I yelled at him this morning for doing it. He just doesn't seem to get it. You don't touch my shit UNLESS you ask first. Bottom fucking line.

Picture of the day: Guardian Of the Forest