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I am ephemerally pissed off at myself right now. Someone ought to beat me over the head with a shovel. I want to be a photographer but whenever I have an opportunity to take a good picture I fuck it up. !!!! Like today, or I should say tonight. Apparently according to layton's mom the planets, earth, mars and jupiter in an alignment and it's not gonna happen again until 2035 or so. Anyway, when I saw it in the sky earlier tonight it was in the PERFECT position for me to take a picture of it. And I wanted to so badly too. It was right between the moon and a tree. Perfect positioning for 2 reasons. 1, you could compare the brightness to that of the moon and 2, if the person didn't get the point of the picture they could just look at the moon or tree and say, "oh, ok." Anyway, I went in the house and sat for almost an hour in front of this fucking computer before I got off my lazy ass to go get the photo and what do you know... IT'S GONE! Almost couldn't find the fucker after that. Eventually ended up locating it again though. It was right above the house with no moon in sight. *sigh* Anyway, once I located it I took my phucking pictures and then came back in. Got one set on the digital camera and the other on a regular one. On the digital camera something weird happened in one of the shots. There is this huge blur of white in the corner taking up almost 1/3 of the frame. It ends at the planets so as you can barely see them. I call this weird because the sky was totally clear and I had my hands nowhere near the lens when the shot was taken. Come to think of it, when I was looking at the screen everything looked normal and clear. It was just after I took the photo that it showed... hmm. I'm really glad I used both cameras. Digital ones aren't all that good for dark shots.