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Jul. 19th, 2005

Well, I'm kinda happy. Layton gave me one of his wallet chains, so now I have one for my own. :) He decided that the weight of them, he had 3, was making him walk funny so he took all but one off. The one he gave me was kinda hard to get because it was intertwined with the second one. Whatever, I know I don't make any sense.

It's finley's birthday today. He's now 16. Um, yay I guess. Truthf... aw crap. That means... nevermind, he's 15. That was a scary moment there for a second. If he was 16 that would mean I have to go out and buy him his pr0n that I promised. He's only 15 though, so I have another year. Thank gods.

I think I'm going to go make some mini pies.

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