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Fuck it. Fuck everything.

I'm moody today. Had a breakdown last nite. Been coming for a long time. I've just been suppressing, suppressing and suppressing some more until I got to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore. Almost ended up having it while I was over at james house yesterday morning. Anyway, now I don't think I'm going to be able to handle going out of my house for a while, aside from seeing jane on monday. I hate mondays. Bad news.

Layton is coming over later. Not sure how much later.

My brother has just pointed out that his birthday is in 6 more days. He'll be 16 or something. He gave me some not so well made cotton candy earlier. It was more sugar than cotton.

I found out that midnight syndicate did a lot of the music on baldurs gate: dark alliance ll. Awesome stuff.

And it seems now that aol has totally frozen up on me. I'm really glad I'm not typing this in that window frame. I anticipated this happening. Womens intuition. I am however (sort of) talking to james, so if he says anything to me I'm not going to see it. Stupid aol. That's one of the reasons I use aim for messaging. So aol is less likely to freeze up permanently. Time to shut everything down.


Picture of the day: Minish Cap Promo - Zelda
I still have to finish that game... it's so much fun, even when you're stuck ^_^'