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Fucking son of a bitch. I should shoot the little bastard. Loses the fucking cell phone for me and THEN he goes and uses my internet time. Looks like I have to change a few things. Fuck I'm pissed. And I was having a semi-pleasant day until that happened.

Roz, layton and I went up to seattle today. Layton got me a new game for my gb. That makes me happy. Namco Museum, so I can play dig-dug. And ms. pac-man if I please. Those are the only games I really care about though. Pole position and galaga can't hold my interest. He also got me lenore #2. It's all sorts of yayness. Found a little bear outside of the westlake mall, gave it to roz.

After that we just walked around. Got some food at qfc, went up to the water tower to eat it, and then we walked around more. Went into red-light to see what their catsuits looked like. None of them struck me as being something I would like to get. The store is fully open now. Halloween or something I guess. Oh, and I saw that they had wings there. Big cool wings that I would so totally get. One slightly large problem with them... almost 80 bucks. That made me choke. I think I'll stick with small wings.

Roz was kinda freaking out towards the end of the day. When layton and I decided to walk into underworld. I sat down next to her and gave her lots of hugs and stuff, tried rubbing her back a little. She was about having a spaz attack. It ended up, to calm her down and because the lady didn't card us (probably because she didn't care) I dragged her into underworld to see what we could see. It made her a little less spazzy and a little more giggly. That always amuses her to no end when she's able to get away with that stuff. Layton was saying later on, when he gets this job he's supposed to have, he's going to go back in there and buy her a whip and myself a leash. I've always wanted to get myself a leash to attach to my choke chain. It would be nice. The whips and stuff were fucking ex-pen-sive. Over 100 bucks. Real leather is always so pricey.

If I can ever get the money I would like to get my hair done. Re-dye it black, bleach out some streaks and dye those streaks blue. I've thought about all the colors I would like to do, red, purple or blue and blue just seems like the best. Purple doesn't go with red, and vice versa. I don't know though, I do like red.

Oh, and both my auctions ended today. The lenore sold, the necklace didn't. Neither surprise me. What surprised me about the necklace was that it got two watches and no bids. What is the point in watching something like that if you don't want to buy it?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The most awesome thing I have seen this week. Layton gave him 50 cents. I hope he gets some nice beer.

Tomorrow I shall spend my day sleeping. I want to sleep a lot. Forever it were possible.

Picture of the day: McGeek - RPG



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Jul. 11th, 2005 12:14 am (UTC)
haha! That picture is awesome.
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