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Jun. 30th, 2005

Layton: almost got into a fight with some guys who were possibly Russian
Schwarzkatze: how
Layton: I was crossing the street going towards the Shell station and I hear these guys asking me a question
Layton: so I took off my headphones and looked at them
Layton: they were asking me if I was a "bitch ass american"
Layton: didn't hear them the first time
Layton: then they asked me if I was an american
Layton: so I said yeah, I'm an american
Layton: then one of the guys said "well fuck you"
Layton: by this time I was really confused and what not
Layton: the guy talking to me just said fuck you a couple more times
Layton: so I flipped them the bird and started walking away
Schwarzkatze: what the hell was their problem I wonder
Layton: then I could hear the guy yelling at me to back and such
Schwarzkatze: you really should carry your toy with you more often
Layton: yup
Layton: I really should
Layton: I walked away because 1, they were in a car and could possibly have a nice little gun, and 2. there were two of them and one of me
Schwarzkatze: did you ask them what their problem was?
Schwarzkatze: should have told them if they had such a problem with americans then they probably shouldn't be here in the first place
Layton: that's what I was thinking in my head
Layton: didn't to much think to ask them what their issue was with me
Layton: or just americans in general
Layton: but whatever
Layton: I'd like to think that since it was right infront of a gas station that if one or both of them decided to jump out and start something, maybe someone would've come to my aid

I highly doubt anyone would have, since no one is that kind, but it's still nice to think that someone would.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what to say about today. Roz and I finished schindlers list. She had never seen it before. Uhm. Yeah.

Picture of the day: The Brides