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Mar. 23rd, 2004

I am such a weirdo. I've been painting pine cones with my nail polish and eventually I'm gonna hang them up around my room. They actually look pretty nice. Just something to keep me entertained cuz I'm crazy like that. Don't know if I want to do them all one colour or some multi... :) Anyway, I found out that the reason layton didn't answer his phone when I called yesterday was because he wasn't even home. Said he left around 10:30 and I called a little after 11. I was asleep on one of our chairs when he arrived. Tried to go back to sleep after I let him it, he wouldn't let me though so I ended up passing out while we were out in the bunkhouse later on. I'm doing that too much, he says he doesn't mind but it's still rude of me. I just get so comfortable laying on him that it seems only natural. Heh, he was fucking cleaning house all day. First he had to do our dishes because they were bothering him and then a little while after I passed out he got up to sweep out the bunkhouse. Could hardly tear him away from the dishes long enough to do what he came over for. To make cookies so as to help me pay off my debt to mom. He freaked when he saw the 1/3 cup of butter. Thought it was too much. I just had to laugh at him for that one. Hmmm... what else. Oh yeah, after I got up all early I went online and started talking to james. Saw in his journal the thing about them reinstating the draft. Started talking to him about it. That one depresses me. I wouldn't be able to be excluded from it anymore for being female. You can probably thank all the females who go out and enlist because they don't know how to stay home and take care of their kids for that one. Fuckin a! I'll die before I join any form of the army. ..!., To anyone who believes that our world isn't ending, look around, the world would rather spend millions on one lousy picture of mars over fixing the here and now problems. Your US leader has started a "war on terror" with no real proof that the threat exists. We know it does but where's the proof? C'mon... I'm still waiting... Show me these weapons of mass destruction that are gonna kill us all...