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Ok, so this is really fucking weird. I ordered a sunshine blind cd, I carry you, a couple days ago. It came and it's some good shit, yayness! Super fast shipping, and on a weekend no less. But the funny part is, I noticed this yesterday because I wanted to get dig-dug for the gb, they didn't withdraw the money from my account. Huh? So I've still got 6 bucks. It makes me want to ask them why, like maybe it was withdrawn from someone elses account god forbid, but I also don't want to draw attenion to it. They're a big company. If they want to send me a free cd then fine, I'll be happy about it because I need all the spare change I can get. Errrr... strange. I guess I'll wait a week and see if it goes from there, if not I'll get the game. Yup.

In other news, therapy today. *sigh*