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I'm weird as fuck

I'm BI and I'm fucking happy about it, more homo than hetero. Get the best of both fucking sides of the fence. Been thinking about it a lot, 'specially down at the field today. I was able to confirm yesterday that Major Kusanagi is a lesbian. That was my brain trigger for the week. Everyone down at boffing is so awesome about homosexuality, so why does everyone else have to be such uptight pricks? Easily answered question, it's because two people of the same sex can't breed. Thank god for that. I'm lucky to have a family who, while they may not be so supportive of it, they're not exactly against it either. Sort of neutral, mostly due to the fact that they don't get it. Or my mom doesn't anyway. So really, they really don't give a fuck as long as the sex stays outside the house. And when it comes down to it in my mind, I can live without the sex, just so long as I'm happy with the person I'm with. That's all that matters to me. I love my parents for giving me that much in life. If they gave me nothing else other than whole-hearted acceptance, I would still be happy with them. I get lots of funny looks from all the people in business suits whenever I walk down the street talking about it with roz in seattle. Or just walking down the street period and talking about it period. Sometimes I just want to scream at everyone to get the fuck over it because the world won't end due to someone liking someone else of the same sex. Now, if everyone liked their same sex, then you would have a problem, but that's not going to fucking happen.

And you know what, I just like homosexual people more in general. It's weird. What I don't like it when gay (or black, or jewish, or blah, blah, blah) people try and use the fact that they're different to try and get pity from someone. Like it's shameful. That is plain bullshit right there, especially when you know that they're proud of it. By the way, I'm a kitty. Lurve me! >^..^<

Anyway, boffing today. No jon, I like jon. He's cute, but I wouldn't do him. Actually when it comes to doing him, it get's complicated, so I'll just leave it at I wouldn't. Lots of alcohol, but only a little drinking. I probably would have gotten myself drunk, but some dude in his wheelchair decided to sit right behind me when I had a pretty good buzz going, so I had to quit. 5 fucking liters of it. Don't know how layton and I are going to drink it all. It's currently residing in the fridge. Need to take it out before I go pass out for the night. First time drinking wine and I must say, it's weird stuff. I don't know if I find this to be a good weird, or a bad weird. It doesn't make me want to throw up though, so I'm going to take it as a good weird.

Ummm, oh yeah, boffing. While I was buzzed I saw todus was walking around picking up his arrows, he came up on the lands to grab one and I asked him if he was having fun. He replied with "Of course, it's always fun." Later he came back and patted me on the head, after grabbing my book to see what I was reading. It was ghost in the shell, he said I have good taste, or something like that. I like him, he's cool. I know a lot of people who don't but that's just because they get to know him through not-so-pleasant means. He's just very brutal and up front about everything. He won't give you any bullshit, and that is why I like him. Not to mention he's always been nice to me.

And you know your govornment is pretty much fucked when you open an email only to read "In a somewhat rare move, Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress decided yesterday to prohibit debate on dozens of proposed amendments to the Labor-HHS-Education spending bill so that members of Congress could go home early." We're so fucked.

Speaking of Kusanagi's lesbianism, I just found out that the copy of the ghost in the shell that I got my hands on is and un-fucking-censored copy of it! I guess most of the US copies have the two explicit pages taken out for the most part, and a couple scenes re-drawn. I'm ecstatic. Yaaay!

Picture of the day: Dreams of Freedom

Ghost in the Shell censorship - The U.S. manga translation of Ghost in the Shell (by Dark Horse) has been censored. The editor removed two pages representing explicit lesbian cyber-sex, involving Major Kusanagi and two girlfriends who are taking a little cyber-vacation. It is amusing to watch Batou's reactions as he hacks into an observational position and can watch what is going on in their own little virtual world. The pages cut are number 5 and 6 of the "03. Junk Jungle" episode. Dark Horse did another modification to the original book; in fact a part of page 4 (at left, click to enlarge) has been retouched too (probably by Shirow himself). In the original one the jumping girl hasn't any swimsuit, and the other two girls who are getting a tan in swimsuits in this picture from the Dark Horse English comics, are instead, naked and getting it on together in the original Japanese edition. I'd love show you the pix, but the action gets far too hot for posting on a generally open to the public web page.