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June 7th, 2011

Jun. 7th, 2011

Oh. I suppose I forgot to mention, a bit from the post that didn't go, that my grandma had to go to the hospital the other day. She had to go to the bathroom late at night and called for help. When my grandpa came in there was blood all over the floor and told her to pack up because he was taking her to the hospital. They discovered two perforations in her intestines there. Not sure where they came from, but it's all fixed up now and hopefully it won't happen again.

When my mom was on the phone with Grandpa she was really upset and didn't know what to say while my brain went through all the logical routes though, what color is the blood, how bad was it, blah, blah, blah. I don't deal with death or tragedy well AT ALL, so I think I do that sort of thing as a distraction to keep from freaking out. I didn't want to voice any of what I was wondering while she was on the phone though because I didn't want to upset anyone any more. After she got off the phone I asked if she knew how dark the blood was, and she didn't know, so I explained that the darker the blood the worse the problem could be. Didn't upset her, she just told me that I always think of all the right things.

And with the added drama of Izzy yesterday, I don't think my mom has been doing so well stress-wise. She could probably use a good vacation too. Finley showed up at random yesterday though so I think that made her day better. He'll be here for a little while, something like 2 weeks to 21 days.