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June 6th, 2011

My phone has been a pain in the ass and half the shit that I try to log into over it doesn't want to work. I have a droid 2 now that I bought from my half-brother Michael since he's in Iraq for the next year, which needs activated, and I'm hoping will work a little bit better.

Anyway, it's been a really stressful time around here. Leon is staying down at James' since Izzy is still violently attacking him at every chance she gets. And when he's down with James', he doesn't want to eat or walk. So it's just been all around depressing for everyone not being able to have him at home.

Every day with Izzy has been something new. Today when I got home from work I found Izzy rolling around on the ground, chomping and rubbing at her face with her feet. It only took a couple seconds of seeing what she was doing up close and I realized something was very wrong. This almost ended with everyone at the vet, because we thought something was jammed in the back of her throat or some other horrible situation. Then she lolled for a little bit, quit chewing and kicking, while I was holding her like a baby on her back, and I was able to see that there was a stick wedged between her upper teeth. It got me incredibly pissed and severely chewed for just long enough to get it out. This dog is a fucking nightmare and reminds me of what I would picture as being a cross between a bug and a rat. No brain, eats everything.

I was talking to Carrie about all the stress it feels like I'm under, and her head just about exploded when I said that I was going to have to deal with Izzy for 3 months. She agreed that it would probably be a pretty good idea to get some emergency Xanax, and I had a doctor appointment later, so I was able to talk my doctor and get a prescription for 10 of them.

I want a goddamn vacation to spend with James and Leon to recoup. A fucking week, minimum. *grump*