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Fucking pigs.  Been speeding past our house in packs all day.  Don't know why.  This is supposed to be a quiet street where the most that happens is your grandma has a heart attack, or someone does anyway.  My uncle for example...  I wonder if my grandpa is gonna take care of any more of ray's shit while he's here.  Man, ray really was too young to die.  :'(  Anyway, moving on now.  God, I am so desensitized to everything.  If my mom or anyone else close to me, other than THAT dude, (yes I called you that, get over it) were to roll over then I would probably go into mourning for, oh, a week max before I got over it.  Anyway, cops have been speeding past our house all day.  11 this mourning according to liz and only god knows how many when layton had to go home.  Boffing today... same as always, I was able to keep from getting antsy though today as I did last week.  Last week there was a reason though, I felt it, and after wandering I found out why.  This week there was none.  Nope, not at all.  Didn't see roz there, called her brother to see when she would be home, layton called earlier to see if she was and she wasn't.  Anyway, he didn't know.  I haven't heard from her in a few days, know she's still alive though.  After boffing we went up the hill to my house, stopped by the goodwill on the way.  My (something) efforts have finally paid off.  Woohoo!  I found some fucking barbie clothes for my doll.  It wasn't much and I had to buy a bunch of neon crap to get them but it was totally worth it.  :)  There was one black dress, it has gold trim and that I don't much care for, and some black leather pants.  It's great.  The neon crap is gonna go with the rest of my other doll stuff.  Maybe if I get up a good enough collection I can sell it.  I now have to do 8 jobs around the house for mom.  Asked her if making cookies or something could be counted as one and after much deliberation she conceded that it would be ok, so layton is gonna come over then and help me.  He refuses to go to the library monday because his mom is on some stupid committee for his condos and I can't blame him for not wanting to be seen down there.  Bitch.  Fuck you.  I HATE YOU DARLENE!!!  Was gonna go on a bush rant after I saw one of his quotes but I'm gonna leave that one for after I get off.  Man, I swear his mom cheated on his dad with a fucking chimp.  Now, now I just need to breath... *in, out, in, out*  Hope jane has some good news on monday from talking to the city hall coppers.  Fucking aol...