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So apparently my dad, being the wonderfully overzealous religious man that he is, has a huge fucking problem with the theory of evolution. He's watching the discovery channel's walking with prehistoric beasts and making retarded little comments like, "oh come on," and "what a load of crap," whenever something comes on that he doesn't agree with. Most of these comments are directed towards the half-monkeys which represent humans before they evolved, and are on stuff like the scent of man. Apparently man doesn't have a scent. Yup, it's total bullshit. We are scentless. And we didn't evolve from monkeys. We were always this way. Small minded assholes who's only purpose in life is to sign a little piece of paper which binds one person to another, breed and worship some all mighty invisible being and before dying. It's pure fucking lunacy to think otherwise and everyone who does should be drawn and quartered on the spot.

In other news, this dude that my sister is with, isn't even legal yet. I knew that there was a reason why his having a curfew sounded funny to me. My sister and this dude, it's just wrong on so many different levels. That actually got me to thinking though, why are humans still programmed to believe that it's ok for younger women to date older men, but it's not ok for younger men to date older women. I do understand that way back in the day people did it because they died at a lot younger of an age, but shit, we've EVOLVED beyond that. Oops, I just used the e word, better shoot me now before my ideas spread to your children and pollute their minds. Sorry, sarcastic moment. Anyway, I like older guys. I can look at a guy who is 50 and say in my head, "he's pretty hot, I'd do him." My old counselor told me that it was because I'm looking for a father figure. That kinda creeped me out when she first introduced that idea into my head. It was like saying I wanted to fuck my dad. Yuck. It's not so creepy now though. And it may be true for all I know since I don't seem to have much of one.

I found a new toy on our porch the other day. A box cutter from wagner packaging supplies in utah. It's made for cutting boxes open. I don't have any boxes to cut open though, and that sucks slightly, so I'll have to find something else to cut open with it instead.

Picture of the day: I've never let them in


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May. 9th, 2005 07:37 am (UTC)
It also kinda has to do with the way things work out. Generally speaking, women want guys who are more well off than others, and that usually means he's older. Guys generally want chicks who are young, stupid, and sexy. It all just seems to work out.

I'm not sure how a chick can look at a guy, let alone a much older guy, and want to do him though. I just don't understand how guys are attractive in any way.
May. 10th, 2005 04:26 am (UTC)
That's just the thought that passes through my mind whenever I look at someone for the first time, male or female. Either I would do it, or I wouldn't. I've been doing that since I was 10.
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