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May. 4th, 2005

Mah gawd, my head really hurts right now. Feels like someone stabbed both sides of my head, in an attempt to reach my brain, with screwdrivers. Well, ok, so it may not feel exactly like that, but it's pretty effing painful. Ehm, yes.

I re-did my character today. Don't know if I'll ever use her, I just felt like I needed to because my first one was so fucked up and wrong. Layton got to decide what she looks like since I didn't really think about that before, and I didn't feel like starting. Thinking now, I can't say I re-did her because in reality I just made a whole new person. Lowered her gen by one, gave her two in languages, and just for s&g, I gave her a 5 in appearances. Don't know why, I just did, and that's probably going to end up being more trouble than it's worth. And according to layton, she's italian, waist length dark brown hair and she has green and yellow eyes. I've also been thinking, another s&g thing, about creating a wolfy gangrel. Not to use, just because I can.

Tomorrow we're going up to the goodwill so that I can buy some import vodka bottles. Yay.

Picture of the day: DarkTree Container