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I'm dumb to do this to myself

I'm depressed again. Makes me feel like my medication isn't working. Why the hell do I have to be so fucking down all the time. My arm looks like I stuck in under a lawnmower. Really should stop that. Jane is going to kill me. Can't help it though. Makes me feel better. I know only one person who can actually understand that. Everyone else hates it. Or almost everyone anyway.

Got a picture frame today. And a mirror box. That was nice to find. I just have to figure out how to get lights in it and then I'm good. I guess I'm going to go apply for a job up at the goodwill. Or I'm going to try anyway. Asked layton to get me an application. I highly doubt I'll get a job there. No one in their right mind would want to hire me.

Picture of the day: But Home Is Nowhere