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I'm hurting inside right now. Been hurting all day. My dad came home screaming at me for some stupid reason that he felt the need to tell me. Screaming about what the hell was I doing and how I'm not married. Whenever I asked what I did wrong now he said, "I'll tell you in a minute," in a really pissed tone. Never said what I did wrong now. And if anyone wonders why I can't have a relationship with my dad, this bullshit is why. I hate him. After he got done with that shit I went up and cried while participating in a form of self-therapy to keep myself from od-ing on my fucking meds. The rest of the day was spent up in my room pretending I was a deaf-mute. Mom came upstairs a couple times to tell me what I was doing was bullshit. Now I'm just trying to survive the night. I need an escape right now. Somewhere away from this house. Can't stop crying. It hurts too much inside.

Picture of the day: forsaken