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Stupid circles, you can all bite me.

If my day keeps going the way it's been, I'm not going to have a very happy time today. I woke up at 8, mom told me she was leaving at 11 with elizabeth for seattle and that she wouldn't be able to go to counseling with me if I decided to go, which I chose not to do today. I dunno, it just seems like as good as it is for me it just causes me more pain. Anyway, later on liz got a call from her testing dude calling in sick. Now everyone is staying home. I'm not going today so... I dunno. My day is just crap.

I tried drawing a bunny to calm myself down. Big mistake. My drawing skills aren't worth shit. Can't preportianate bodies. Front or side view. Arms and legs are fucked, and faces, oh don't get me started on faces. Eyes are always two different sizes in two different places. Never even. Mouths go left while noses go right. The faces are all abstract. I've tried a million different styles, drawing books, diagrams, tracing, freehand, having someone else help. Everything. And nothing works. I just want to be able to draw without everything going all fucky on me. I think my biggest problem is circles and that's what most stuff consists of. Fucking circles. *sigh* My life is going in circles.

Picture of the day: S q u e e b