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Mmmm, more happy. Ghost in the shell came in today. Or the first of the five did anyway. Sat down and watched it with layton and roz. I was very irritable earlier, and that just made it all melt away.

*cough* Anyway... day. I woke up in a very irritated mood because my nephew oliver spent the night and I thought mom wouldn't be able to take me down to the boffing field due to her, for some stupid reason, not having a car. This then progressed into something a lot darker when I found out that my brother has lost my ff tactics advance game. He took it out of my gameboy last nite so that he could play it on olivers gb. Stupid mistake on my part, I never should have let him do that. Anyway, when I walked downstairs I saw finly fishing in the back of the sofa. Thats when I found out that he misplaced it. Told him that if he can't find it he owes me two games. One to replace the ff and another one of my choosing. Mom's not having it though. Crap, I just lost my train of thought.

Katie is spending the night, that's got me slightly annoyed. Mom won't let me know when she's going to be leaving. Blech. I can't keep a thought in my head right now. I think I'm going to stop.

Picture of the day: - A S U K A -