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Well, today was a good day. I thought I would spend it by myself because layton had a job up in redmond, but then roz called. She knew that layton was working today. Woke me up, but I didn't care. Anyway, I went down to the library after that and we hung out for a few hours. Oooo, and roz found the new cure cd and gave it to me. That was really nice of her. When I walked in she asked me if I had it. I said no. She replied with, "Well now you do." That kinda confused and weirded me out for a moment because I don't have it and I don't like people buying me things. Then she showed it to me and explained how she found it. That made my head feel a lot better. She also gave me one of her old wallets and a lighter with a nirvana sticker on it.

We walked around to some of downtown kent's thrift stores and I bought myself a few things with the 6 bucks I had. Most of it was in quarters. I asked mom if she could give me two bucks for a bag and call it a birthday gift. She agreed. So I bought myself a couple bags from the thrift center. The bigger one had a by amelia patch on the front which I've covered up with the hunchback pin layton gave me. I also need to sew up a small hole in it. 'By amelia' is a slightly stupid, and really weird, series of books for little girls written in a journal form. I'm calling the smaller bag an early birthday gift from myself. It has a dragon on it. I love dragons. Gone through many phases as to what I like and what I don't, but dragons have always been the one constant. Oh yeah, I got the blair witch project. For giggles alone. I saw it at the st. james thrift center for a buck. Had it been any more I wouldn't have gotten it. That movie was so fucking stupid. Roz said she hadn't seen it so she's taken it home with her and she's going to watch it tonight. Or this evening. Something like that. Once we got back up to my house I showed her the lenore vcd.

'Parently the job layton got for today paid 18 bucks an hour, but the guy said he was too green and sent him home early. Don't know what he expected from someone who just got out of school. He called me and we talked a little after he got off it. He's going to be at boffing tomorrow, roz should be there too. I hope to get there around 1 or so. Roz said she's going to wear her purple coat so that layton and I can see it. She always finds the nicest stuff at the goodwill and value village. Pvc no less.

Mom asked me to look up the stick that I lost. I guess she's going to re-buy it for me. Assholes had to take off with mine. Told her that it was cheaper on ebay by almost half. She told me to email it to her.

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