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Soooo, not only am I back on a time limit, and a significantly smaller time limit no less, but now I also have to watch how late I'm on. If I go past 12 then I'm cutting into tomorrows time and I get less when I want to go on the next day. God I hate this. I've also got to look for dice next time I get some free time online. And a lens cap for my camera, oh, a camera bag too. And check my email, it's going on one hundred and fifty messages now. If you need to say something to me don't email me, it probably won't get though. The time I use now is all tied up and gagging because it can't breath. It's so stuffed with stuff already. Actually more stuffed now. But my mom doesn't seem to get that. And so she nags and nags. Over and over and over. I really want to scream.

Ummm, what else. Oh yeah, that maynard thing was from him being drunk, I think. I don't know, couldn't fully understand it because I have a real bad headache. I know there was something else too, I just can't remember. Brain is too worried. What have I forgotten to do? :\

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