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I'm happy as a mother-effing clam right now. The free for all tour with pigface and nocturne, when it comes to the fenix, is a 21 show. I kinda figured as much. That's the way it always works out with all the cool bands. *sigh*

I think I feel the need to explain something from yesterday. What happened with that guy and why it upset me so badly. I'm a very physical person. I feel. I touch. I need to have something in my hands when I don't have them stuffed in my pockets. When I was a kid I would always drag my hands along whatever I was walking next to. My teachers would always freak over me doing that, something about it ruining the walls, which was (and still is) bullshit. It's one of the many ways I experience life. So naturally I can't stand to be touched by people I don't know. And I really couldn't stand to be touched by him. The way he was touching me, rubbing my hands and what not, it was like rape. And that sounds really stupid, but that's the way I work. I felt (and still feel) extremely violated. I had to try so hard not to cut myself last nite. Or worse. I went out for a walk in the rain, and every time I thought I felt better, I would burst into tears again.

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