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I really hate people.

Everything today has just piled up and it made me cry. Layton's grandma is a plain bitch. Counseling is always a strain. Some guy was getting extremely touchy with me and it freaked me out. A black guy. It's always the black guys who do that to me. Act all friendly and touchy. And if he wasn't so god damn big I suppose I wouldn't have been so scared. He grabbed my god damn arm and started rubbing my hand, telling me how cute I am and a bunch of other stuff I'd rather not think about. A couple minutes into that he stopped turned to me and got real ugly. He demanded 50 cents for something, for drinking I think. I tried to tell him I didn't and then he went back to being all touchy and friendly again. A librarian saved me though. He walked out and told the guy that they don't allow solicitors. It distracted him enough that he let me go and I was able to escape into the library and find layton. Anyway, after that I sat down in front of a computer and when I got up I left my stick behind. By the time I figured out that it was missing it was too late. I went back to the library and asked around for it. Wasn't in the lost and found, and the guy who was sitting next to me said a couple picked it up and left. That was the last straw. After that I just cried. That thing costs 60 bucks to replace. I've just not had a good day.

Since I've gotten home I've ended up giving myself a sugar high, dropping off it, falling asleep and doing it all over again. I really must be a bad person if I have so much bad karma.

I don't think I'm going to sleep tonite. I'm too upset and agitated. Just down more sugar and caffeine. Keep myself up as long as possible.

Maybe I'll explain the thing with layton's grandma tomorrow. If I can remember it, which at this rate isn't going to happen.

Picture of the day: dirty weep