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My barbie is currently doing this whole angsty thing on top of one of our speakers.  I didn't do it I swear, she was like that when I got home, and possibly earlier but I didn't notice it before.  I find it to be pretty funny.  She's face down on her knees, haha I know what you're thinking, with one hand under her face and one next to it, on the speaker.  Very angst like.  No, I'm sorry I don't have a ken so I can't do that.  My sister does but I'm not gonna go get it for the fact that she's asleep and I hate ken.  Too buff, makes me sick.  Roz is apparently doing this whole depression/suicide thing and getting pretty heavy into it.  I feel sorry for her with all the asses she has to put up with in school.  I really hope she doesn't drop out.  She seems cool and *gasp* perky (to an extent) when I see her but then I read her online journal and it's like *poof* totally different person.  It almost drives me nuts.  I think if she would just stop with the drugs for like, eh, a week minimum, stop taking ALL of them and just forget about all her 'disorders,' she would feel TONS better about everything.  God, and look who's talking.  I shouldn't be saying anything, it's not my place, I just care enough for her that I would be devastated if anything happened.  And I know I can say some things sometimes that aren't nice but I still like her and think she's really hot.  I dunno, I think it's just stupid how she says that her friends would only care for a little while before getting over it.  Ugh, like I said before, look who's talking.  I need to shut up and take my own advice.  It would do me good.  I suppose I should probably go about getting all my files off the computer now, mom is gonna reformat it either tomorrow or sometime soon there after.  See if it'll get it to work any better.  Hope it does.


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Mar. 17th, 2004 11:42 pm (UTC)
I read a little of her journal... and man... I remember being that depressed. Of course, mine was about women. I really do feel bad for people that depressed.
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