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Can life get any more fucked up?

I've got a lot on my mind right now. Kyle called and said he might be going to jail for two years over some shit that wasn't even his fault. 'Parently he's been having some real fucked up issues with one of his ex's and a couple days ago the shit really hit the fan. He went over to her house to try and protect her son from her, she was planning on going out and doing some coke, and she went all ape-shit on him. He restrained her, called the cops and then he went to jail. Kyle, not the chick that he was calling the cops on. So now he's pissed as fuck and yeah. But his employer, who has been through a similar thing, has told him that he's going to be able to keep his job regardless of what happens and he's pulling some contacts for him. Half of the dude's family is lawyers and the other half is in law enforcement, I guess.

I've also been dreaming a lot. All sorts of fucked up shit. Most recently I was dreaming that I was back in overlake. They had something different going on with it though. The wards were progressive, and there was something like 3 of them. I was in the second one trying to figure out a way to get them to let me out. I know it was overlake because james was in there too. James the dude who was in because he was getting his meds adjusted because of his bi-polar. I found out a lot about bi-polar because of him. It's not anything like depression. There is so far no way to treat it by yourself. You need to be on some form of medication otherwise you might end up severely fucking yourself over. Anyway yeah, james was in there, I guess he was homeless or something in my dream. We talked a lot. I wonder if he's still ok... I know I didn't just dream about him for no reason at all. Something is up, maybe not with him but with someone, and now it has me worried.

Yesterday I helped layton sew up a pair of his pants. It was a sort of a have him do it himself with my help type thing. I got to close to the edge though at one point and there ended up being a huge hole in the seam, so I just ended up having him control the speed of the needle while I did the actual sewing part. Yeah. I think I'm going to use the sewing machine after I get off the net. Break off some of my mind. I'm filled with all this chaos, and it's almost got me to the point where I'm going to cry.

Picture of the day: The Hole