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Finley is sneaking out again. Blackmail!

Well, they didn't format the computer, so yay for that, but they also didn't do much for it, so it still acts the same as before. Like shit. Mom is going to call gateway and do it herself I guess. As soon as I get all my crap off the computer. Which I plan on doing tonight.

Mom got me a memory stick today. Called it an early birthday gift. Speaking of birthdays, I need to figure out something for roz, her birthday is next month. Maybe another dildo? Ha ha ha. Ummm, I was thinking maybe the jthm book, but that costs 30 bucks minimal if hot topic even carries it anymore. And I don't have 30 bucks. The most I could probably get would be 15. Anyway, I'll think about that later. The memory stick, that I've been needing for a loooong time. Now I can use something other than floppies on my computer when taking things on and off it. Yay. It will be well used.

My hand still feels pretty fucked. I never should have hit that wall. I swear that wall is filled with cement or something. Can't even dent it. The godfather was fucked too. Didn't get to finish it. It started skipping really bad toward the end and eventually it stopped playing all together. And that really sucked.

I guess the cops are over at the school with their dogs, and I want to go investigate, but I don't have my camera so I have no excuse. Layton is currently in possession of it. He's borrowing it for the weekend, or until sunday anyway. God damn, maybe if those dogs don't shut up I could go yell at them because I can't get to sleep with them barking. Or I could stay the fuck away from everything and keep out of trouble.

I think I'm going to go sew up more pillows. Or finish the bag. Bag sounds good. No, wait, I was going to make dinner. Or try to anyway.

Picture of the day: Ghost Elegance


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Feb. 19th, 2005 08:15 am (UTC)
hahaha, yeah, the Snakecharmher.... hahahaha.
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