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Cubes of... um... stuff

20 more minutes before I can get online. Time to type. Ok, so we got roz's birthday thing today. Layton didn't want to go in so I got really pissed and threatened to go home, he didn't really seem to care about that so I finally said fuck you and dragged him in. Shit, I wasn't planning on doing it on my own. This was his gift to her so he had to pick it out, I'd pay for it but that was it. We didn't get ID'd this time, that was cool. Had a lady ask if she could help, told her that we were just looking for a gift for a friend. Saw this really neat one in there that came with what they called a cosmetic case that way you could carry it around with you and not have people freaking out when you accidentally pull it out of your purse. There were a couple, but the other one came with a frosted case and it still looked like it. They also had some really funny ones that they tried to make look like a tube of lipstick, a bottle of nail polish and mascara. There is nothing that they won't use when making toys. In the end he just settled on a plain thin dark purple one with nothing really fancy to it. It's good that it was thinner, those big ones should never be used by anyone, if you've never done anything before it might get your expectations up. Those just horrify me. Anyway, we bought it and got some advise on how it was supposed to be used. Shouldn't use alkaline batteries with it, it'll burn out the motor. Bought some non-alki and some spray stuff to clean it with. The lady had to test it out and she explained how the loudness was due to the fact that it was a hard one. She offered to gift wrap it but that would've cost 5 bucks so that was a no. After we got done with that we took it down to the library so she could take it. Came up to my house after and she got to see how it worked. Watched the cube, layton got that one in. That movie is a fucking mind trip. I don't even want to think about how it would work. It's just fucking crazy. And with them having to figure out how it worked. That was nuts. Roz said it was like a rubix cube but I was just sitting there like fuck that, it's a 3-d labyrinth. Just fucking nuts. Oh and in other news roz's sister elfie might let me use her old gb when she gets a new one. That would be cool. I'm not gonna hold my breath though.

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