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I need to get some sort of a hold on my life. This is totally nuts how out of control everything feels. Ugh. I hate it. Was looking for some wiccan/pagan books but they didn't have any so I just got feng shui instead, maybe that will help me a little. It's called Wind And Water: Your personal feng shui journey. It presents feng shui as simple suggestions that can be done on a daily basis. I also picked up the necronomicon files again. I never did finish reading that. Not really sure where I left off either. You know, I am one strange, sad little girl.

Mom and I went out for lunch today, red robin. I got some chicken stir fry rice stuff, with sticky rice, only without the chicken, so that would make it vegetarian stir fry rice. It was ok I guess. They gave me chopsticks so I got to have fun with those. :) I like chopsticks. After that we went up to jo-ann fabrics and I got some stuffing and some uhm, stuff. The fuzzy polyester stuff that you make pajamas or blankets out of. God damn me for forgetting the name. I figure I'll make more hats or something with it. I've got so much god damn fabric that it's not even funny. Should make more bats. It's not like it would be hard or anything. Finished james' yesterday to try and distract myself from being sad. Yay for me. Only took an hour and a half after I found all the pieces and put the eyes in. So yeah, now all I have to do is remember to give it to him next time I see him. Reminder to self, BAT!

Mirror Placements

There are certain places in feng shui when you do not want to incorporate a mirror and certain places where you do. You do no want a mirror at the end of a long hallway because it elongates that hallway even further. You don't want a mirror in a space that's already expanse because it will only increase the perceptual size of the room.

You don't want to put a mirror in a place where it reflects a lot of clutter. You, in effect, double your clutter. If you want a mirror in that spot for some reason then the clutter needs to go.

You do want to incorporate a mirror in a small and dark front entry way to help enlarge the space. Having a mirror on one side of a long hallway helps to add width. A mirror facing a window doubles the amount of light in a room. And a mirror hung on a blocking wall make that obstacle "disappear." It is important to look at exactly what a mirror is reflecting so that when it doubles something, it's something you want to see twice - a piece of artwork is desirable, but a bookcase in disarray is a problem.


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Feb. 4th, 2005 09:23 pm (UTC)
That's interesting about the mirrors. My parents always had this really long mirror that fit the length and width of the wall at the end of our hallway (our being my sister and I) and it would always scare me if it was dark and I had to walk down the hallway, cuz you have to face that crazy mirror. I think it started when my cousin introduced me to "bloody mary" who appears in mirrors when you say her name three times. Although I would never dare say her name, I still thought I might see her there. In the dark. *shivers* I'm going to tell my mom to move that mirror.
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