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Jan. 11th, 2005

This is me musing over a corset. I'm gonna be going in every direction possible with everything and it's dog so I'm sorry. I don't even make sense to myself.

Today I got to spend my day getting confused over a corset pattern.

Here's what it looks like so far.

And here is the boning part.

All I can think is, WHAT THE FUCK? It confuses and terrifies me, which is why before today I never tried to make any before. And if I can do this one with minor problems, it will be fuzzy and green. A blackish-foresty green. Yeah, that's what I've been doing today. Playing with fabric. I think I'm just gonna ask the a&l board about the whole boning part. It's just scary to think about. I don't know if I'm supposed to put it under every red line or if I get to pick and choose. I'm almost thinking that I've fucked up on the pattern part because I've gotten fat since I've started my meds so I'm not exactly sure where my waist line is anymore. I mean 125 isn't bad but when I take my shirt off you can see that I'm getting pudgy around my stomach area. That's where all my fat likes to go. My stomach and sides. Anyway. I've gotten myself fucked up and horribly confused.

Picture of the day: martyr