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First off, what exactly IS goth and how can you define yourself as one?

Some people say you have to wear black (clothes, makeup, on and on) ALL the time, be morbid and depressed, write angsty poetry, read poe and listen to totally (for the most part) underground music. Bullshit in my opinion. You can define a goth by many different qualifications.

I will be the first to admit, when I first got into the goth culture, I had some pretty fucked up views about it. Wearing all black and shopping at hot topic were a couple of them. Anyway, for a good year or so, as my wardrobe was transferring over, all I would buy was black, and when I could I would toss out my colors. That's all I would wear. I refused anything colorful. It was a big no-no in my book. This was as I was first dipping my hands into everything. Now, as I've learned more I've realized that black is nice, yes, but there are other colors under the rainbow (and black in all technicalities isn't actually a color, it's a shade). I've always liked dark jewel tones myself. Blues, purples, reds and greens. Hell, even a little pink is nice, but it should be used in moderation, unless you look good in it like my sister. And now I'm slowly working a little bit of color back in whenever I can. I've also re-learned how awesome thrift stores are. I knew this as a kid, we went to value village a lot, but with my new found "gothdom" I forgot because it was all about the hot topic. Thank god I outgrew that phase, and quite quickly thanks to the internet.

Music, now I know quite a few people who if they were to look at my cd collection they would automatically deem me un-goth and probably a poser on the spot. I've got a lot of mainstream stuff in there. And I've got a lot of manson (who's music is not goth btw). I wish I could expand more into the cruxshadows, voltaire, bauhaus and the cure side of it but I can't afford to. Most of my recent cd's are burned, or were bought by a friend. I can name the last 7 I've gotten. Dimmu Borgir, Evanescence, the cure (burned), an almost free projekt cd (cost me a whole dollar), *gasp* manson's lest we forget, pink floyd (burned), and cradle of filth. And out of all that, we have 2 cd's that could be called goth. Two out of the named seven. And depending on who you ask some people might say evenescence and cradle of filth are goth too. I'll leave that up to the reader though. How very ungoth of me. I should be shunned and banned immediately. Tsk tsk.

Oh, and my favorite, the attitued. "Oh woe be me! I am but a poor lowly soul adrift among this sea of dispair with only myself as a conseltation. No one can understand how it is to be me! Woe!" Hahah. Ok, that sort of an attitude makes me laugh my socks off. Seriously. You start saying woe to me and I'll start singing woe woe woe your boat. I'm sorry but it's just funny. And this is coming from someone who was diagnosed with depression and just got out of the hospital a couple months ago from it. I know what it's like to be depressed, I get it, I've been there, but saying that's all you can be is just sick. Ever heard the term perky goth? I think it's self explanitory but just in case it's not, a perky goth is a goth who is exactly that, perky. That's me about 50% of the time now. A perky goth. And in case someone was wondering, you can't have a room full of goths for more than a few hours without someone breaking out into laughter and the rest eventually joining in. If you're that uberly serious about being 'woe-some' then go do it in your room until you can get over yourself because no one likes to be around a party pooper. It just plain sucks.

If I were going to define a goth, I would have a multiple criteria on which to define them by, and I do. You don't have to be angsty, the music is a big plus, and the clothing helps identify, but you don't have to be all of the above, just have a brain and keep your mind open. Ok, and I think I've said enough for now. I've burnt myself out. See, ashes. *pokes ashes* Ow, still hot.

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