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Really, I don't need therapy

I'm upset
I'm really upset
And scared
I'm terrified
I can feel my heart racing
Been running a mile a minute for the past few days
It's breaking I think
Or cracking
That would make more sense

I really want to cry
Bitter tears
But I would rather have someonething take care of me
Everyones busy
That's not to say as I don't have my excuses too though
I'm just afraid of people
What they will do
What they will say
That they will say they hate me
And that they're only around because they're too kind to say go away
If you ever hate me I hope you'll tell me
Don't leave me in the dark wondering why we don't talk anymore
I hate that
I would want to be able to move on
I would want to get over you

Yeah, here we've come again
Full circle you could say
It's all about me
Me, me, me
I don't want it to be
But in my head it's always me
It makes me want to hurt myself
To bash my head against a wall until blood gushes forth
I never wanted this
I never wanted to know what life was like
I could hardly have expected to have lived this long
I'm so very terrified of what tomorrow brings

Picture of the day: Sad Twisted World 2