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Yup, today was not an ok day.

I was supposed to go visit james today. Tried, but it didn't work out too well. He was preoccupied at the time when I came by and I didn't even know if he was home or not so I just left. Finley had the cell phone today so I couldn't call him either. I would have, but I couldn't. He got mad at me over it and it upset me pretty badly. To the point where I'd be surprised if I didn't get sick now. I can understand why because I hate it when people do that. Make plans and then just ditch you or don't bother to show. And I feel horrible. But I really didn't know if he was home or not, perhaps asleep. So I waited something like 10 minutes, tried knocking 3 times, and then left in a depressed panic.

Went to the library and got on the computer until layton came down so we could go back up to my house. Kinda hoped I might see james online but nope. Layton and I went up to goodwill. I tried on some hats and that made me feel a little bit better. He also got me one of those lizards you can get at the fair that are filled with sand. I told him not to but he said I needed something to replace stichy. It's fairly large. And blue. I think I'm gonna call it blue unless someone can come up with something better. He's very cute. I need to stick him somewhere where only the dust can collect on him because I don't want him to end up like my last 2 sand lizards, full of holes and leaky. Layton also got some macaroni for me since I didn't think we had any at home and I craved some at the time. Turns out we do have some so I now owe him a dollar.

I kinda planned on eating when I got home but the news that the missing cell phone had been found with my brother set me off and I bitched him out instead. Told him that I had a downright fucked up day because I didn't have it when I needed it. Found out that james tried calling a few times so I tried to call him back. Phone was busy so I went online. He was on so we kinda talked about what happened. Well, I talked, he overreacted and told me never to talk to him again. I got pissed at that and told him fine, have a nice life and then signed off aim and blocked him on aol. After that I got this whole white heat thing going on inside me that made me think I was going to get sick and realized how stupid I was being. I'm supposed to be logical, not hot-headed. I don't want to have a temper. Anyway, so yeah, I ended up signing back onto aim and asking if I could come over so we could talk. He agreed so I did. Had to take layton with me otherwise mom wouldn't have let me leave the house. To shorten everything severely, we talked and things are a little better now. He's not so mad at me anymore. I hate it when people get mad at me. It's depressing.

Oh, he also let me use one of his games. Pokemon ruby. It's nice. I'm still feeling white hot but not as severely as earlier. I still want to be sick but I'm not shaking so badly. I don't have many friends so losing even one is going to affect me badly. I'm sure layton didn't want to go with but he had to. I had to work my shit out before any damage was done. I'm sure he would rather have stayed home and watched fight club or the last samurai. I think we're gonna watch those tomorrow though. After sylvan. He was bored but didn't want to be rude so he just meahed every time I asked him. You could tell. He told me that he wouldn't have been so bored if he could have had something to talk about with james. I imagine layton was pretty uncomfortable being there. And I'm really sorry I had to drag him with.

One of the side effects of Prozac is a reduced sexual whatever. My libido is gone. I want a candy cane.

Picture of the day: forget-me-not.


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Dec. 7th, 2004 10:51 pm (UTC)
Actually, I was really mad up until you came back on the second time to ask if you could see me. For some reason, that totally calmed me down.

I'm sory for getting mad at you.
Dec. 7th, 2004 10:59 pm (UTC)
By the way. I'm not letting you use Poke'mon Ruby. I'm letting you have it. You can keep it. It's yours.
Dec. 8th, 2004 11:34 pm (UTC)
I know it's mine, it just makes me feel better to think that I'm borrowing it. I do that with everything.

And thank you for not being mad at me anymore.
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