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Nov. 26th, 2004

Layton came over today. He brought majoras mask with him. I asked him jokingly to get me a game last nite and told him this morning when he called not to because it was a joke. He did anyway though. Tomorrow he plans on buying an expansion pack when we go up to southcenter. I can only groan and know that more is to come. He was saying how he wanted to get me a dress from ht too. I want to run screaming in fear at the mere thought of it. PANIC! It's a nice enough dress but hot topic is so f*ing expensive. And he's spent too much on me already. I've lost count of everything he's bought me. There's the book, darla doom, lip ring, the game, and um, lots of other things I can't recall. God damn him. God damn him to hell. The cutest thing he gave me was a green and black koosh-ball frankenstein's monster necklace thing. It's so cheesy and cute! I adore it. And best of all, he found it, and I don't doubt it, so I know he didn't pay for it. Those things I can handle. I dunno, it just makes me feel so guilty to when people give me things that I know they paid for.

Anyway, I signed up for one of those pyramid scheme things yesterday nite. Those horrible evil things that are so annoying to everyone. I would like for it to work but to do so I would have to spam 4+ people who I know would do it. I hate spamming people with anything at all, unless I hate their guts that is. It makes me feel like the most horrible person on earth and I feel like a big enough idiot already.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go up to southcenter. Layton wanted to stop by best buy and perhaps ht to look at a skirt if they have it. He asked me about it and I think it looks good so if he can find one that fits him then I'd say go for it. He looks cute in skirts and if I could sew better then I would probably make him one.

Picture of the day: Chibi Robin