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And all I hear is blah, blah, blah

Yesterday was counseling. *big sigh* We mostly discussed the ged thing that I'm supposed to do. I guess I'm gonna do it, not this wednesday, but the next. I've gotten more pressure on me than before now because mom brought up that if I don't by the end of the year, they're gonna stop putting out the 350 a month. And that would suck. I also found out that I'm having to spend thanksgiving with melissa. I hate melissa, she makes me want to kill myself. Bah humbug. Oh crap! I need to finish those santa hats!

I went down to the library after, as usual, to meet layton and perhaps a roz. Roz said she was gonna be there but didn't end up showing. :( We ended up wandering around downtown kent, after I picked up eternal sunshine of the spotless mind which was waiting for me, until around 5:15 with the occasional trip back to see if she showed up yet. No luck. Caught a really, you could almost say unusually, crowded 169 back up the hill only to get up to the top and have layton go all paranoid on me. Apparently some drunk guy pulled on his bag and when he told him to get off it the dude told layton to sit on his lap. Layton in turn said fuck no. The dude got off at the same spot, up at km, and was headed in the same direction that we usually go so that's why layton was getting all jumpy. I personally kinda feel sorry for the dude. I mean, it's so sad the crap he was getting. Although it does seem creepy to me. Oh, and some dude asked me where to get used SP's when he saw me playing mine. He wanted one for his nephew. I wasn't totally sure so I told him game stop might, and I know if he could get online that ebay and half.com would. I dunno.

The walk up to the house was a bitch but I made it in one piece. Tried to watch the movie, but we were unable to get all the way through it before layton had to go. Still have 20 minutes left. That chick, who kate winslet played, she really reminds me of myself. Only I'm not so colorful. I wish I was that colorful, but I'm not. It's such a lovely video.

Picture of the day: DANCE OF THOUGHT


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Dec. 8th, 2004 09:11 pm (UTC)
yeah, sorry about that. I was asleep or something. I've started to post in my livejournal again.
been through a lot of shit lately. sorry.
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