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And everything is up in the air again. It's really starting to freak me out and upset me because I don't know what to do or what to say. I mean, one moment they're coming over, and the next they're not. I guess I won't know anything for sure until the 23rd, or possibly even the 24th, comes. If they do, then I'll be home by myself, bored, and if they don't then layton will come over to visit. This is over his aunt and uncle coming over with his cousin(s) for thanksgiving. They really need to just make up their fucking minds already. Shit. Thought I was through that god damned wall but apparently not because here it is smacking me in the face again.

Speaking of layton's family, I've been having some really horrible nightmares the past couple nights dealing with his mom. They start out alright, but then something happens in them and everything turns around. I don't wake up too happy. But hey, in all my nightmares I did have one, after last nites one with his mom, where I had died and come back to life again. Not quite as a zombie, but not a ghost either. I was just re-animated. I think I got hit by a car or something and at one point had all my organs removed. It's so nice to wake up confused filled with self-loathing. That was sarcastic btw...

Anyway, stuff. I need to get a life. Supposed to try and do my math test sometime before christmas. I don't want to though. It's so stupid and annoying. Wouldn't really be able to have anyone there to support me through it either. And I mean in the room, to kick or something when I get frustrated or something. That's one of the things that bothers me about tests. They're so formal and dull. I hate formal unless it's fancy and in clothing form.

Layton came over and hung out. He got drunk off the rest of the whiskey while I only had a swig of vodka. Couldn't handle any more than that because I've grown such an intolerance for hard alcohol. It tasted like rubbing alcohol. After that we went and kinda fell asleep in the bunkhouse. I wanted to watch the wizard of oz, it was on tv at the time, but he insisted on watching the fucking kennedy assassination conspiracy thing. It sucked. He kept sitting there, oh yeah, you'll totally get to see his head blown off because I did and I know they'll show it again. Did they? Nope. Well, there was a cgi one, but that was it. BORING!

Dad came out for scriptures and yelled at us to get out. Fucking asshole. I really have to wonder who shoved the stick up his puppet ass and pissed in his cornflakes. I didn't do shit and I get yelled at. That hurt. A lot. I hate him so bad.

Oh, and then you've got the cream to top your lovely fried peaches with. I got chewed out by melissa while online for being "too hard on katie." I DON'T EVEN TALK TO THE BRAT IF I CAN HELP IT! Not my fault that she's a spoiled rotten brat. I mean, no, it's all my fault that I'm her devil. The one to blame all her problems on. No, she's the only one who crys over it. I shed no tears at all. JUST KEEP THE FUCKING BITCH AWAY FROM ME! And that conversation we had, that wasn't the end of it.

All this crap I've gone though has finally gotten to me and I really want to hurt myself bad right now. If layton hadn't taken the vodka home with him I would probably drink myself into a stupor. But I can't, oh well, sucks to be me.

Picture of the day: Tim Burton's Vincent