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3 days ago last year ray died. I saw a picture that reminded me of him last nite and I started crying. A lot of things remind me of him. Seeing old/classic refurbished and remodeled cars does it most of the time though. Just because that was what he was into, that was his thing and it served him well. He was so good at it. My grandparents, I'm sure, got plenty for what they had to sell off of his. I love old cars.

Anyway, I've been spending my day trying not to be depressed. Mostly surfing the net looking for things to keep me entertained. I found mary in grilled cheese while looking in my inbox. That's provided me with a few giggles whenever I look at it, due to the stupidity of people, mainly religious fanatics. The spin offs of it are pretty funny too. It also got me to thinking, I should make jesus on peanut butter and try to sell that. Then layton suggested the pope, which would be even better, and possibly easier too. And I know how to go about trying it too. It's gonna take at least one loaf of white bread, if not more, to get it right though. And a bread sized picture of him too.

Layton came over after sylvan and he brought Red as blood or tales from the sisters grimmer with him. I guess he got that the other day. It's a collection of 9 fairy tales that have been twisted to a darker nature by Tanith Lee. I've been unable to read much of it so far but what little I have I'm enjoying. :) Good stuff. Oh oh, and layton also found a picture on DA that he said reminded him of me. It's called my immortal. I don't see how it would, remind him of my stupid self. My boobs are practically non existant for one... Anyway, I thought about buying him a print of it, since he seemed to like it so much, but I want to get his ears pierced first.

Picture of the day: My Immortal