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Pity party...

Yeah, so I'm pretty fucking upset right now. To the point where I am crying but that doesn't even matter. Nothing matters. I'm just stupid. I went and picked up a game for the 64 today. Cost me 14 bucks. Won't be able to get johnny hollow now because mom is gonna take the 10 back out that I had her put in it for that purpose.

I think I'm just gonna sell all my shit on ebay or something. I still owe her 10 bucks for the zelda game and as hard as I try to dent it mom won't stfu about it. I've told her I'm trying, I'm fucking struggling, but she doesn't care. All she sees is that it's still sitting in her god damn room. I also owe her 50 for the boots and about 150 to 200 for the cloak. I can't afford to pay for any of it, no matter how hard I struggle, so right now I'm at the 'fuck it' point, I'm selling it. I'd probably have to sell a bunch more of my crap too. Like my gameboy. Might as well sell that since my broke as fuck ass is never gonna be able to get an more games for it. *sigh* I just wish this all wasn't nearly so hard. I wish it would all just stop hurting.

Oooo, here's an even better idea, how about I just go off and OD in some nice remote location so no one will have to deal with my sorry ass somehow sapping money from them anymore. Sound good? Sounds good to me.