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Need... more... net... *gasp*

Man, aol keeps distracting me with cute and yummy litte pictures of random whatnots.  I can't write in this thing if it keeps up.  I'm also being distracted by needles calling my name.  They want me to come play.  Speaking of needles.  Mom got the treadle machine back today so I'm uberly excited over that.  Maybe now I'll be able to sew more.  :D  That would be pretty cool.  I would really love to try the whole net skirt thing again, only with two colors layered, black and red perhaps, and shorter.  Like knee length.  And perhaps without any mistakes this next time.  Stupid me for fucking up on the other one.

I wore my black velvet today.  Don't think I'll repeat that preformance anytime for the rest of this year, or for a couple months of the next.  And I can hear layton now [awwwwing] in dissapointment.  Well it's too god damn cold.  So there.  Hehe, and dispite the cold I still want to go dancing outside while it's dark in half *cough.*    That would be fun.  Yeah, um, I'm just in a slightly psycho mood right now.

Anyway, I wonder if I can steal mom's camera for the next few days...