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So I've gone from annoyed, to confused, to worried, to depressed almost to tears and now to slightly numb. I was depressed enough earlier that I wanted to go grab a razor or something and be destructive. Instead though I decided to work on transferring entries as I haven't done in forever. I made quite a dent in it, only 73 entries left. Now that I'm not though I feel the need creeping up on me to go hurt myself again. I kinda want to cry for being so dumb. It's not all my fault though.

Layton wasn't online tonite for some unknown reason. I was really getting worried. Still am slightly He called my cell but the sound was off so I didn't know that he called until an hour later, around 1:20. Tried to call him back but his phone was off. Asshole doesn't know how to leave a message so I have no fucking clue about anything and it's making me cry. I wanted to leave a message for him but every time I tried I freaked. Don't know if he would get it, his mom wants to get a new phone for him tomorrow, and then there's the chance that his mom might hear it somehow. So I didn't leave a message. Now I must resist the urge of the razor.

Um, yeah. Watched Donnie Darko. It was good. Don't think I was really able to get the full effect of it though. Can't sit through a movie without someone walking in. Always. At one point finley came out. After about 20 minutes of listening to him and his annoying pop-rocks I yelled at him to get out. He did. Will definitely buy it if I can ever get the money. I think I'm gonna go out and watch it again.

I feel really sick.