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Um, yeah...

Been looking at edward gorey. Really wanna get some of his books. It would be really awesome if I could get some of the originals. Too bad I'm broke, oh well. I need to get the 7th jthm comic anyway. I don't even think about that anymore because I don't go up to HT and see if they have it. Almost 100% of the time they don't.

Anyway, I went with mom up to a former relief society meeting. Dunno what they call it now. Something like enrichment night. All I know is it has to do with church. Anyway, the only reason(s) I went with were because of the free dinner, and they were giving away old stuff that they didn't want anymore. Clothes and what-nots. I had chicken chowmein and a roll. Could have had more but I don't like to eat a lot, especially in front of people. Give me a plate, stick me in a isolated corner and I'll probably eat everything. Another one of my annoying and weird discomforts. As for the give away thing, I picked up a black sash with white dots on it, 3 sewing patterns that I hope to be able to use some day and another bag that I will probably never use. That's ok though because I picked it up to keep the patterns in. Mom said it looked nice so I may ask her if there's anything she would like to do with it. There was also this really nice skirt there, all long and purple, but someone else picked it up before I did. All I can say to that is eh, it was too nice for me anyway and I would probably end up destroying it or leaving it in my closet for the rest of my life. It would do better for someone else.

Tomorrow dad is taking the day off and him and mom are going to oregon to pick up another toy for dad's "baby." He had a trailer made for the jeep. I swear, I hate that thing. It's a jeep thing. Well you know what, I don't give a flying fuck. Jeeps suck. I can't get in the thing without a massive struggle, in skirts or no. Getting in it in a skirt though is the worst. I have to hike it up to my knees and resort to swearing at it when it tries to go higher from my shifting to worm my way in. It leaks in the rain, the transistor radio he had put in constantly tries to give me concussion's, on and on. I can not complain enough about all the problems I get from it. Just thinking about that stupid jeep makes me want to cry and take a sledge hammer to it. And the fact that dad doesn't even use it unless he's camping. IF IT'S HIS FUCKING BABY THEN HE CAN BE THE ONE TO DEAL WITH THE FUCKER! But noooo, he has to take the car. Well fuck you too dad.


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Oct. 22nd, 2004 04:01 am (UTC)
Edward Gorey is the reason I got into Lovecraft. I saw a book illustrated by him called Hauntings: Tales of the Supernatural at Value Village. It has In the Vault in it. I was addicted. The other stories are amazing too. The Lonesome Place by August Derleth, Where Angels Fear by Manly Wade Wellman, and The Man Who Collected Poe by Robert Bloch are fucking amazing... I think you would really really love them. You should find them and read them and talk to me about them... I get excited because no one else likes this stuff and it's sad. So you'll have to excuse me. I like to share.

I also found a book called Sam and Emma that was illustrated by Gorey. It's a happy little book about not judging people by the way they look. Except the book has talking animals. It's bizarre. I don't have any of the books Gorey's written yet... someday...

Sucks about the jeep.
Oct. 23rd, 2004 01:03 am (UTC)
I remember seeing Gorey when layton, roz and I all went down to the pike place market at the beginning of the year. First time I had seen his books and I instantly fell in love. You so totally suck for being able to find a book like that at value village. :) I could never in a million years get that lucky.

And it's a jeep thing don't be sorry, not like it's your fault. I just have issues. :)
Oct. 23rd, 2004 02:18 am (UTC)
It's my favorite book in the entire world! It was copywrited in 1968 too... the older my books are the better. Hehehe, I just went to Value Village and Good Will once a week for a really long time, so I HAD to find something really good eventually.
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