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I am a waste of my time

Argh! I accidentally erased my entire d.a. buddy list when cleaning it off. Now I have no idea who I was going to erase and who I wasn't because IT'S ALL GONE! Damn me, but mostly damn aol. It's their fault. If everything wasn't so slow and if it didn't have to jump back up to the top after refresing it's self. Hell, why does it have to refresh at all? *sigh* It all comes about because of jenn and arin. Arin I never see online, let alone WANT to see online, and jenn I just never talk to because the last few times I tried she brushed me off. Oh well. Whatever.

Tomorrow I have my appointment at 4:15 to get my bc. I'll have to ask mom early if she'll take me to the library after 2:30. If she refuses because of sylvan then I guess I'll be walking. I really hope I won't have to walk. I really hope I can make it there. And here comes the worry... I wondered when that was gonna show up.