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Mmmm... people are too nice to me

Layton has been spoiling me too much of late. His latest thing is he got me a coat and a cd. The cd I was kinda expecting since he told me he was gonna order it with his next paycheck. The coat I wasn't. That was just something that came up when we were at goodwill looking at skirts. Orange tags are 1 dollar, today only. I got myself a black pinstripe one that goes a little above my knees. Showed it to mom, she didn't really care. I think she was just surprised that it was a pinstripe thing. I've always wanted a skirt like that, and now I have it. Anyway, yes. Layton has been spoiling me too much and he bought me a coat. It's a black and reddish/purple faux fur thing that goes down further than any other coat I have, and here's the kicker... it's lip service. I got a coat that should have cost almost $100 at H.T. for 22 bucks. :) Pretty neat. The coat made me feel better after my crappy-arse afternoon.

I was unable to get my bc today due to the fact that jane wasn't in. She was sick. I kinda freaked out and left when I heard that. I was so horribly depressed. Started crying on the phone when I called layton to let him know what was going on.

I also got to talk to a nice gothy kid while at the library. She walked up afer layton and I walked out and started saying how black was cool and all. Just the way she spoke (I kept expecting her to say dawg or something equally as rapperish) and the "black is so awesome" statement made it so hard not to choke out poser. :\ I can now officially understand now why the older goths would feel like calling us younger ones fakes. She was wearing some really nice pants though. Black with red on the sides. I asked her where she got them, expecting it to be hot topic, and she told me the thrift store. Surprise, surprise! I was just like "Oh wow, cool," and she said, "Yeah, I was walked in thinking, they're not gonna have any black stuff but they did." Made me want to snicker a little. I dunno, it was just really confusing for me. She looked one thing and sounded another. It set off the weird signal in my brain. I really should get to know her better before I start to judge. I know that more than well. *smacks hands with rulers* Ow!

Speaking of gothy kids... I need to email roz. Can't call her since her p# has been changed. Need to make sure she's still alive and ok. I kinda miss her quirkyness. Hope she's not in any trouble of any sort.


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Sep. 28th, 2004 11:00 pm (UTC)
Damn Strait
And be prepared to be spoilt more so.
Sep. 28th, 2004 11:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Damn Strait
Oh gods, what are you gonna do now? *screams and hides*
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