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Rat's with wings...

We seem to have an owl around here. The first time I heard it I thought it was layton playing zelda out in the bunkhouse. You can hear the tv all the way at the back door of the house (no, I don't know how to phrase that). After a couple more times though it dawned on me, it's really an honest to goddess owl. It kinda surprised me at first because we don't have owls around here. Never in all my 19 years have I ever heard any in this area. It's pretty cool. I hope (s)he decides to hang around.

Layton finally got to help me put the web stuff up on my ceiling. It's really cool looking. :) I like it. I've also got to cut out 3 more bats to make. Just need to not get ahead of myself here. One at a time... one at a time. Yeah... after I get off the net I think I'm just gonna pack up all the needles, thread and fabric and take it out into the bunkhouse. It'll give me something to do while watching tv. X-files tonite!