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Depress much? I think so...

Mom said no on the sheepskin boots I asked her about for winter. Can't afford them. I found 1 pair for a little under 40 bucks and it's still way too much. Heh, that's no big surprise though. We can't afford anything. Sometimes it's a shock that we've still managed to survive. Oh well, I can still dream even though they will be filled with frozen tears (so to speak).

I'd go work for labour ready but there's only one problem with that idea. Or one person wrong with it anyway. I don't know if allen still works there or not. *sigh* YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! YOU COULDN'T JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Fuck you.

I still have yet to ask her about the black hair dye. Forgot to. Perhaps she would be more-so ok with that. The last type of dye I tried to use didn't want to stay well at all and my roots are getting bad. Not as bad as they have been though. I've let them grow out so much before that you could see where my hair started and where the dye ended WITH a hat on. :) I've asked layton if he wants to help and he said maybe. I would just need to get him some gloves. I suppose I could try and get some when (and if) I go to the teen clinic tomorrow and get my bc refilled.

I AM 45% GOTH!
45% GOTH
Goth ny night, normal by day. Deep in my heart I know I am evil, but not on the company's time. I do need to eat.