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Blech, icky headaches

*groan* I have such a headache. I'm sitting here trying to sew up the bottom of the bat I'm working on and I just got out of "the graveyard." Stupid yahoo chat rooms. Always full of idiots. No wonder I have a headache. I don't know why I even whent in there in the first place. I've been so long without chatting in chat rooms that the allure has all but died. Yeah, that's something else... something I've been thinking on... why do people automatically assume that just because you've got a web-cam that you're willing to bare all and cyber with them? It's so gross. I mean they'll just jump all over you when they see you have one and it's on, thinking they're gonna get to see EVERYthing, and then when they don't they get pissy and leave. I just had some dude message me and start getting all whiny about my top hat. WTF? I don't care what you think of top hat's. It's mine and I like it so shag off.

Anyway, I got another projekt cd and the doom kitty off ebay today. :) I'm happy about that much although I'm still having problems trying to get my email address transfered back off aol and onto yahoo. I only had it there in the first place so that I could verify everything and get it so I could bid. Yeah...

Yesterday layton came over and we watched House of 1000 Corpses. Awesome movie. I loved it even though people kept on walking in and out of the bunkhouse for whatever reasons and thus forcing us to pause it while they went about their business. That was annoying.

Today I fell asleep on the couch while he made blueberry muffins. They actually turned out alright. :) I told him I'd help next time though. I think I got a total of 5 hours of sleep last nite. My brother ended up waking me around 9. A little after that katie started screaming and crying like brianna did yesterday. Why the heck can't these children be better behaved?

OH HOLY CRAP! That's not cool at all. I just went to visit the old curiosity shop since I haven't been there in forever and man, they've changed EVERYTHING. And it's not for the better either as far as I'm concerned. I liked it better before. *cry*