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So I decided to be "cute" last nite and I made cryshade a journal. :) I think it will be fun. And I suppose it would make it easier to keep track of more things that go on with him. I almost wish I had known about this before, like around when HE WAS BORN! Then I would have a better guess at how old he is and not just about 5 or so years old. I'd also know more or less when he broke his foot. That would be easier to look up though because I think we have the medical records for that. Anyway, yes, now my kitty has a journal. Yay!

Other than that I don't hate myself this morning. Hurrah! No hangover! But then I didn't exactly fall asleep while still drunk and wake up sober. I fell asleep drunk and woke up drunk. HA! Yes, yes, I'm stupid.

Katie is here, she spent the night. God that was irritating. She started screaming when she saw a spider in here. I took her outside and showed her the cool one hanging on the bunkhouse window. The one with the fat ass-end. I told her that spiders aren't scary and the only reason she's afraid of them is because she picked it up from her mom who is a total wuss about everything. I mean seriously, she couldn't even stand the thought of her baby itchi out catching mice and stuff. Anyway, katie thought it was pretty cool.

Speaking of itchiro, last I heard he was going through some major shit and all the fur on the top of his head is gone. I haven't seen it, or him for that matter, though so I don't know to what extent it was/is. That's what they get for taking him away from here and putting him on an army base. Grrr...


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Aug. 28th, 2004 04:34 pm (UTC)
... kitty journal.
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