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And my pride gets in the way... again

Yeah, so I'm sitting her all bummed out. I lost the remote to my cd player somewhere between southcenter and getting home. It pisses me off because I liked that remote, and now with it gone I only have like 2 and a half feet of cord. That means I'm only gonna be able to use it while stationary and I'm gonna have to remember that it's attached to my neck or head. The great thing about having it was that I wouldn't have to remeber to not jerk around for fear it will fall and hit the ground. I'm also kinda depressed because I'm not gonna be able to have sex with layton for a little while. He wounded himself in the shower and he has to wait till it heals. He's also just accused me of not caring about it. I'm pissed off at him for even insinuating that I don't. I FUCKING CARE YOU ASS! So fuck you. Mother fucking asshole. If it's anything, it's that you don't care that my beloved remote is missing. Fuck, this is bullshit, I'm should just leave my pride where it is but I know it's not gonna deflate any before it leaves so I'm probably gonna end up crying... again.