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Ok, so I'm sitting here at the computer not so happy because I saw a camera that I would love to be able to get (it's a logitech, the same as most of the other digital cameras we've had) and all of the sudden I come out of my head to hear a splattering coming from the bathroom. Well, I think, that's rather unusual. What the hell is that? I really don't care too much so I go back to ignoring it for a few more minutes only to realize, wait! The sinks aren't on and that's not the rain outside. Fuck. Ok, so I get up and walk to the bathroom and whaddya know... THE FUCKING TOILET IS FLOODED AND ALL OVER THE FUCKING FLOOR! Shit. Ok, so this now means I have to go shut off the internet and wake up my mom. Damn. Ok, internet off, now for the mom. *Knock, knock.* "Mom, the toilet has flooded over." Man, I almost wish that I could have seen her as well as I could hear her. It sounded like she just shot up out of bed. Hehe. Anyway, mom's awake so I guess I can get back to the bathroom. Ew god, I'm gonna have to walk in this. My poor socks are gonna hate me. Oh well, at least it's not my slippers. Now that would be bad. Oh, look, mom is out of her room now. She'll know what to do so I think I'm just gonna hop in the bathtub and soak up the accessible water with towels. Yeah, that works. God this is so nasty. I suppose it could be worse. I could have ignored it and gone to hide under my covers. Then it probably would have filled the bathroom and flooded over the ledge and into the hall. It also probably would have killed the floor. It's already half dead as is, don't need it anymore so.

And everything is over now. Yay for that much. So I guess this means everything can go back to being snafu as it always is around here. All in all, as irritating as it is, it was actually slightly amusing.