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God, I am so depressed right now. I can't exactly pinpoint why.

I talked to jane about my issues I've been having. She tried to help me work them out. I told her I hated it because I'm too nice to everyone and she responded with I'm in control of myself and can be aggressive as I need to be to get over them (my issues). It didn't exactly help me any because I know that but it's still nice to hear that from someone else. I'm not gonna be seeing her for then next 3 weeks so I hope I can take it.

I've been trying to talk layton into getting himself an sp because they're so nice and he enjoys mine it seems, but the most I can get out of him at any given time is an "I'll think about it." Kinda discouraging but whatever. I'm just here, nothing more.

My nephews are spending the night. I just kicked them out into the bunkhouse because I don't want them sleeping down here.

My life is too cushy, I feel like a zombie. Someone kill me.