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Aug. 19th, 2004

Layton caught another snake today. It was all green. Kinda weirded me out with it's cuteness because I'm so used to them being yellow. I've never seen green before. Anyway, it was terribly cute. Not as calm as the last one though. I kinda wish I had been able to keep it (the last one).

Mom, dad and finley are supposedly coming home tomorrow, I'm gonna be pissed if they're not. Very pissed. I wanna go to the goodwill up by southcenter and get some boots if they still have them. I saw a couple really awesome pairs. Saw a really nice short skirt too, but that wouldn't happen in a billion years so I think I'm just gonna stick with the boots. Yeah.

I also need to ask what mom ever did with my baby blanket. I miss that thing so much. Knowing my luck she probably tossed it or something, the bottom side was so tattered. It was made out of some mesh stuff, not normal solid fabric so yeah, naturally it's gonna tear and stuff. I miss it.

Oh, and I didn't end up going to sylvan today. Elizabeth forgot to take me. Yay! I was so dreading going.

Layton says he's gonna help finish with the apples and stuff when he comes over tomorrow. Man, that job is worth so much more than I asked for. I should have seen it before I said anything. *sigh*